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New Members

Online registration for St Louis Area Masters (SLAM) is available at USMS Membership. Discount membership for full-time students 25 years and younger and seniors 75 and older are not available through the online registration.  Those eligible for discounts should use paper registration forms. See Discount Membership information below.

When using the USMS online registration link, you are asked NEW MEMBER or RENEW.  If you have EVER been a member of USMS, choose the renew side. You do not have to remember your membership number.   The next page asks your contact information.  Your LMSC is Ozark and your Club is St Louis Area Masters (SLAM).  You do not have to indicate a workout group. Workout groups pay extra to be a registered workout group.  Thus we have only one or two registered workout groups within SLAM.  When renewing, please make sure your email address and other information is accurate.  Make any changes necessary.

With online registration, you will be able to pay your registration fee by credit card and immediately be able to print out your membership card with your U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) membership number on it.   You can save our local Ozark LMSC by NOT checking the box that says "Also send me a card in the mail."  You really don't need a card mailed to you since you can print a copy of your card anytime from the JOIN USMS link.


SLAM is one of the premier U.S. Masters Swimming clubs in the nation. SLAM hosted one of the very first USMS Long Course National Championships. That championship was held at the old Sugar Creek Swim Club in 1976. SLAM members are active in many national leadership roles in U.S. Masters Swimming. 

SLAM has a tradition of excellence with several national and world record holders among our members. SLAM also encourages relay participation and has many USMS Top Ten finishes and national records in relays of all age groups to our credit. SLAM has more senior members aged 50 and above than any other club in the Ozark LMSC.

SLAM has something for everyone and strives to serve all ages, ability levels and goal orientations. We host several swim meets each year, including an open water swim, clinics and socials.

Whether you practice alone or with one of SLAM's many workout groups, you will be welcomed into the SLAM family with open arms.

Through your SLAM membership, you receive the SWIMMER magazine which is chock full of timely articles to help you improve your swimming, as well as Ozark and SLAM newsletters. The SLAM portion ($7) of your USMS registration is used to pay for SLAM relay entries and to support SLAM events and social functions.

Your membership in SLAM includes insurance protection provided through U.S. Masters Swimming. Workouts which require USMS membership of all participants and are supervised by a USMS member coach or USA Swimming coach are covered by the USMS insurance. At these “Official USMS Workout Locations”, ALL participants MUST be USMS members; otherwise the insurance coverage is NULL and VOID for ALL participants if even just ONE participant is not a USMS member after a trial period for new members.


A 2015 Membership with SLAM begins when you register and expires December 31, 2015. The 2015 SLAM Membership costs $54, of which $7.00 goes to SLAM, $10 to the Ozark Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC) and $37.00 to U. S. Masters Swimming (USMS). The USMS fee includes a subscription to SWIMMER (a bimonthly magazine).

All 2014 memberships expire 12/31/14. Be sure to renew for 2015 right away so that you will continue your USMS insurance coverage and not miss any issues of the USMS Swimmer magazine.

Discount Memberships

If you are 75 years and older, or a full-time student 25 years and younger, you are eligible for a discounted 2015 Membership Fee of only $37. The SLAM and Ozark fees are waived. SLAM and Ozark will also consider hardship cases yearly on a case by case basis.  Those eligible for discounts cannot use the USMS online registration.  Instead they should use the paper registration form. Click this registration form link to print out a paper form.

If you apply for membership between September 1, 2015 and October 31, 2015, a Late Year Membership is available at a reduced cost of $25, but still expires December 31, 2015.  This is available online at USMS Registration during that time period.

Prefer to Pay by Check instead of online? 

New and Renewal Member Application Procedure paying by Check:

If you are eligible for discounted membership, or you prefer to pay by check, rather than credit card, click here to download a paper registration form.

Coaches: USMS provides insurance coverage for prospective members during a 30-day trial period.  You must have the prospective member or guest sign both sides of the Guest Insurance Waiver (30-day trial period form) on the first day they are present and send the form directly to the USMS office (not to our local registrar) in order for your practice and all members present to be covered by USMS insurance during the practices when a guest/prospective member is present.  Click HERE for the 30-day trial period registration form. After the one month trial period, these new members should register themselves online.  Do not use regular paper registration forms for the 30-day trial period.

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